Sunday, 11 March 2012

Manchester Fashion Week Bloggers Team!

Today's post is a bearer of VERY good news! I recently applied to become one of Manchester Fashion Week's blogger team, and on Friday I received a lovely surprise in my inbox informing me that I am to be one of the 10 covering the week events this coming April! Happy days indeed!

This year's fashion week will be the first ever to be held in Manchester. Currently, there are only a few details that have been revealed  in terms of who will be showing, and which celebrities will be attending the after parties! So far the likes of Mulberry, Ted Baker, and Missguided (the fashion week's official sponsor) will be showing their spring summer collections, with Caprice and Calum Best showing their personal collections also! I will make sure I post all the pics and info from all the events, shows and afterparties they will be sending me to throughout the week, so stay tuned April 9th-14th!

Photos from my entry 'Trip Down Oldham Street.'

The piece I entered into the competition was my recent post 'Trip down Oldham Street,' which has now been published on the website, Tweeted, and Facebooked, so make my day and give it a like or re-tweet if you see it! The website also will hopefully have more information soon in terms of who's showing, and how to get tickets so make sure you give it a visit!

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