Sunday, 22 September 2013

We are the reckless, We are the wild youth

It's been a little while since I've cracked out an outfit post, but H&M finally hit the Cheltenham high street on Thursday (I'm TOO excited!) and as those of you on Instagram will know, the shopaholic in me may have got just a tad carried away with my purchases! I forget how fab all the H&M basics are and before you now it you've filled up one of the shopping bags to a brim with the essentials! (It's not just me.. right?) For once I put my sort of 'sensible' shopper head on and got things I really needed to tie over my wardrobe! Luckily it's my birthday next week so most of the clothes I bought that day I'll be kindly given from my family as birthday presents. I did keep a couple of the cheaper things that I bought which I decided to pair together for this post :) - this polka-skirt is only £7.99 as well.. bargain!  
The opening day was suuuuuper busy but I quite enjoy the whole hustle and bustle and there was live DJ and nail painting etc going on which was all fun and reminded me of when I used to go shopping in Manchester! I wasn't one of the first 15 to get the 25% off and goodie bag unfortunately, but people were queuing an hour and a half before it opened which I just didn't pre-empt at all! I just need to make sure I prize myself away from there before I go on another spree again!! 

Mustard Crochet Jumper // H&M // £14.99
Faux Leather Jacket // c/o Lasula
Polka Dot Twill Skirt // H&M // £7.99
Lace Collar Cream Shirt// Oasis
I decided to team this mustard crochet knit jumper from H&M and my lace collared shirt from Oasis with the polka dot skater skirt. I really like the detail that shirt collars bring to outfits so in the Autumn/Winter season I like to pop one on under my jumpers, even if it's just to add another layer to keep warm! The skirt as well is a great little one to pair some thick tights with for the day or wear with a nice top and a pair of heels for a night out.. and as I mentioned earlier, it's a right bargain! I luckily received this fab cropped leather jacket from the lovely lot at Lasula which I've been wearing lots recently! I love the gold zip details and the cropped style of it, it's so easy to wear with so many different things and bring a bit of a retro vibe with the padded shoulders!

What do you think of this look?


Tuesday, 17 September 2013

NYFW Highlights & Trends for Spring 2014

I swear these few weeks are the busiest in the fashion diary, what with NYFW passing the fashion baton on to LFW and all, I've decided to summarize and share my personal highlights from browsing NYFW for Spring 2014 as there was so much I absolutely loved! 

From the week's fashion antics pouring out of NYFW,  'must have' details to add to the Spring wear notes definitely would consist of:

So let's crack on... 

First up I loveeeed Victoria Beckham's use of city tailoring with 'boy meets girl' styling in the popular Geometric print with shirts, skirts, blazers and shorts being paired in perfect two-sie outfits. The pop of Fuschia pink against the Monochrome colour palette really was a winner too. 

What would fashion week be without a little bit of crazy? There was no way I was going to write this post without popping in one of my favourite catwalks from New York which is is none other than the audacious Betsey Johnson. In what only can be described as country girl meets 80’s glam rock style, I can’t get enough of the models super fun styling with their candy floss pink hair, ditsy prints, floppy hats and ‘Betsy’ chained necklaces! Not to mention the crazy animal two-sies and three-sie outfits! Note: these are probably not for the faint fashion hearted.  

In complete contrast, another favourite collection was from Marchesa, who pulled on every feminine string by collaborating beautiful sheer fabrics, soft detailing and lace mesh in a completely romantic and dreamy way. I particularly love how the collection grows with a bit of dramatic glamour thrown in to the mix towards the end of the collection with heavy black fringing and strategically placed Guipure Lace.

Doing what he does best, Alexander Wang presented Sports Luxe wear, channeled through concise Geometric patterns complimented by Laser cuts and logos. I can definitely imagine the 'Parental Warning' logo being filtered down into Topshop/Urban Outfitters next year! 

In other news, Underwear as Outerwear is back! A huge trend circa 1980 and 2009/10 is making its appearance again a la ‘luxe sportswear’ style with neon accents and layered mesh fabrics from Milly by Michelle Smith. The classic tailoring alludes to the body conscious and corseting of underwear pieces with cropped bomber jackets and laser cut shirts thrown over for that ‘ready to wear’ look. 

It's clear that this season's Monochrome trend is set to influence our Spring Wear too. Stepping away from bold stripes and checks seen by Marc Jacobs this year, Monochrome prints have become more discreet with geometric and lighter patterns creating a subtle optical illusion. Oscar De La Renta showcased a beautiful selection of Houndstooth check collared pieces amongst some exquisite evening gowns. Detailed with tiered layers to lattice lace and delicate embellishment, the show stopping dresses have left me craving for the neutral cropped bodice and sparkly tulle dress with matching ankle boots ensemble. Just fabulous. 

NB. I do not own any of these images; Source,

What did you all think of NYFW? Do you have any highlights?


Thursday, 5 September 2013

Instagram My Life

Hey Guys! I've been loving taking a load of snaps on Instagram recently so I thought I'd jump on board the whole 'Instagram my life' thing, especially as I downloaded a fab new little filters app called Pic Fx that puts all the cute little bershka lights and heart sparkles over the top! (SUCH a girlie girl) 

1. I've finally recovered from my Tonsillectomy lark - thank you for all the lovely get well comments on my last post! My friend Kelly bought me some Lush Bath Bombs round that were amazeballs and sorted me right out. 2. I then went to my cousin's wedding where the indoor decor was beeauuutsss and I couldn't help but take loads of snaps of the draping, fairy lights and lanterns! 3. After seeing this gorgeous Topshop Statement Necklace on Sophia Meola's Instagram was in the sale I literally jumped at the chance to go and get it as I've had my eye on it for a while now AND it was down by half price! Bargain! 4. I've been day dreaming about being back in France so wearing my French Espadrilles loads! They've definitely been my shoe of the summer! 5. After lots of work been done at home, I've been doing up my room recently and in true 'shabby chic' style have been decorated old jam jars and pots with lace trimmings and bows for things like candles and make up brush holders, I didn't have to spend a penny and I think they add a nice homely touch! 6. This little puppy is still taking over- little munchkin! 

7. Another pic of my cousin's wedding decor! So pretty! 8. I decided to treat myself to a couple of new hair products to try and improve the condition of my hair! I've used Kerastase in the past but will let you all know how I get on with these.. thinking that's a new hair oil you spy, well yes, you would be correct! 9. My Wedgewood print shirt from Zara and Cats Eye Sunglasses from Topshop, two of my summer faves! 
Hope you enjoyed my little Instagram post!
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