Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Tearing Mono-Chrome Style

This week I have been loving playing around on the recently launched online style book Style Saint! As someone who has religiously kept all my favourite Vogue editions and torn out editorial shoots from a young age, this tumblr-esque website is right up my street! I have managed to whisk away a few hours searching through all the 'tearsheets' of editorials and street style images and created my first style book Mono-Chrome, focused on the the beauty of black and white styling with a tougher edge of golden chrome thrown in.  Here are some of the pics I included!
Tear Down the Runway

I definitely recommend having a go playing editor and chief , there are some gorgeous images to collect :)  You can see my style feed page here. 


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

I'm supporting Team GB with Next!

Isn't this year such a good one to be British? (Weather aside) I can't remember the last time I felt this Patriotic, especially as the lead up to the Olympic season is upon us! I can't wait for the games to begin even though I'm still a little sad that unfortunately I didn't manage to get any tickets. But hey, here's to supporting Team GB at home and what better way to do it than with the help of the Next supporter scarves!

As the official clothing and homeware sponsor for the London 2012 games, Next, in support of both the Olympic and Paralympic teams have a range of official merchandise available that will be a real memento of this summer. When they contacted me to see if I wanted to get involved in their 'Wear it, Wave it, Win with it' campaign, of course I jumped at the chance and was sent the official Paralympic scarf to see how I would style it up.

I decided to spruce up my Miss Selfridge cross body box clasp bag, and tie the scarf to the handle. It was a great way to liven up my simplistic outfit that day and really represent British heritage!

"Talent, Pride and Determination"

The scarves are available in either Large, 90 cm x 90 cm (£10) or Small, 50cm x 50cm (£5), and support either the Olympic (White scarf) or Paralympic (Blue Scarf) teams. The paralympic scarf features a hand painted lion and the Olympic scarf features 900 figures  to represent the 900 athletes of Team GB.  They're a great way to fly the flag for Britain especially with the profits being donated to the British Olympic and Paralympic association.

Plain White Tee- Topshop
Maxi Skirt - New Look
Gladiator Sandals - River Island
Box Clasp Bag- Miss Selfridge
Official GB supporter scarf - Next

Even the Duchess of Cambridge is getting involved and doesn't she wear it well!

There are so many great ways to wear these scarves! How would you wear it? Have any of you been showing your love for team GB with one of these scarves? If in doubt head to the Next supporters site to get some inspiration!


Monday, 4 June 2012

Crosses all over, heavy on your shoulder.

So finally I have managed to get round to writing a new post! Wooo! It got so crazy busy with final exams over the last couple of weeks I was starting to get major bloggers guilt! But I managed to pop home to Cheltenham over the lovely (and probably the only) sunny spell that we had last weekend and take some outfit photos of one of my recent purchases, my Roxie Cross Jeans from Missguided. There's nothing like pottering around the Cotswolds in the sun, although I won't lie to you I completely underestimated the heat and ended up changing not long after taking these snaps! Maybe best for a cooler day perhaps!

 Some of you who have read my earlier posts may have seen that I had a bit of a crush on these jeans after seeing them at MCRFW, so I decided to treat myself after finally finishing uni forever! (Can't believe I have to actually face the reality of being a non-student after having it as a comfort blanket for so long. Eek!) The inverted cross print is popping up a lot at the moment I even spotted these jeans on Made In Chelsea's Gabriella in the last episode. I love that because these jeans are so statement with this print, you can literally throw on whatever colour top you like. I know in the Missguided advert they're teamed with a white stud-collar shirt, so I reckon I'm going to give that a go next! What do you all think of the roxie cross print?


Roxie Cross Jeans. £34.99. Missguided
Grey Mix Cotton T-shirt. Topshop
Collar Necklace. £4. Primark
Silver Bangle. River Island

I hope you've all been enjoying the Jubilee weekend festivities!