Monday, 1 February 2016

Rome - City Break Style

Ciao Bellas! It's been a long time coming but finally, I'm back! A lot has changed since I last blogged. For one, I have waved good-bye to Cheltenham and traded in cotswolds life for city life in Manchester (where co-incidentally I started my blog in the first place). So, you can now find me tapping away on my keyboard blogging in a little flat in Northern Quarter! Living up here has given me all the more reason to re-start blogging, what with the copious amounts of fashion, cute cafes etc, plus someone to snap some outfit shots for me - thanks MisterYoungProfessional ;) - I've found myself four years down the line, fresh new blog look, fresh new start for 2016! (How very 'New Year, New me' cliche of me!) 

But before I begin on Manchester, I just wanted to do a little city hop and share some snaps from my recent mini-break to Rome with previously mentioned pal MYP and Quite Contrary Style to bust the January blues, enjoy a little "Vino al Vino" in "any bar, just your average Roman bar" and you know, I guess maybe see some sights on the side...                                                                                                         Well I can officially say that in just a few short days Roma romanced me with it's gorgeous buildings, amazing pizza and gelato and cultural charm. So much so I have picked out many a new home there over-looking a beautiful Piazza. One day you shall be mine chandelier filled, marble floored apartment of interior dreams! 

Packing for our chilly, but sunny, weekend away with a smaller-than-cabin size suitcase was not the one for an over-packer such as myself, but on our very own 'door tour' of Rome I got a few shots in front of one of the many incredible doors of one of my city-break outfits! As we all know outfit layering and flat shoes are pretty key when it comes to walking everywhere to explore a city. so I found these patent leather-style shoes a treat! My trusty silver satchel carried my camera along with the worst map of Rome in the world quite nicely, and I picked up the tassel-end scarf in Aldo whilst we were there because I definitely did not leave my scarf behind in Manchester....

Outfits aside, I have lots of shots of the city itself to share with you all on my next post! 
So, till next time, Ciao!