Friday, 11 July 2014

The Body Shop 'InstaBlur' Review.

Instablur // The Body Shop // £14

All hail my make up bag's new holy grail - Instablur, the Perfecting Primer from The Body Shop! This little number is my new daily essential that has firmly found  it's way into my everyday make-up routine - one of those products that you buy and wonder how you've ever lived your life without, ya' know?

Let me start off by saying my past experiences with Primers haven't been the best. Either too greasy for my oily/combination skin, or too thick to use on a day-to-day basis, I've tried my fair share and figured they must not be for me. That was until recently. I found The Body Shop's beauty card in my hands after purchasing a few make up brushes and as a member got a heads up of Instablur's release. The introductory promotional price was pretty arm-twisting so naturally, the deal-hunter in me thought it would be worth giving it a go! I went in on the second day release and it was pretty much sold out bar the odd tube left! The lovely lady in my local store applied some to my face and the instant imperfection blurring effect was amazing. So I popped back home happy as larry with this new toy to play with. 

The Effects: An All-In-One, 5-Action Perfecter, the texture of InstaBlur is fairly thick and velvety as you squeeze it out the tube. For day-wear I usually apply a pea-sized amount to freshly cleansed skin and blend it in over my face. It notably softens, smooths and is absorbed quickly by my skin and instantly feels soft to touch and matt-ifys my complexion. Any un-even skin tone is corrected and I find that imperfections are less noticeable. Now the real bonus for me is I find applying my make-up is much easier and I really feel like my foundation 'stuck' almost to the primer. It also helps prevent my make-up from budging over the day's work and doesn't clog my pores or leave me with an oily/shiny complexion! Hurrah!

Would I buy it again? Ohhh yesser. You're not going anywhere Instablur. 

Have you tried Instablur?