Sunday 21 January 2018

Millennial Pink

Pink Teddy Bear Coat - Topshop
Stripe Jumper - Next
Over the knee boots - New Look
The Teddy Bear Coat has no doubt got to have been the coat of the season, so when I spotted this perfect pink number in the Topshop sale I knew it would be the answer to my winter sartorial dreams!   Long, cosy and unstructured, with dreamy big statement buttons, it's just like wrapping yourself up in a fluffy warm hug. I'm so in love with the millennial pink colour of it too, err so yes... millennial pink is very much a thing it seems now, but when I've come to write about it I've got to hold my hands up and admit, I've had no idea how to describe it! To think that a new shade of pink has been created when there are a helluva lot of shades already out there is a bit cray, but I can assure you millennial babes, it has very much been given the thumbs up as a pantone shade in its own right. Glamour have described it as 'Pink with the blue taken out of it,' whilst the Guardian have dubbed it a 'grapefruit shade of apricot salmon'. Hmmm, doesn't quite have the same tasty appeal when you describe it like that does it? But either way I am very much a fan so, welcome to my wardrobe millennial pink! You'll no doubt have seen it up and down the catwalk to basically gracing everything on the rails in Zara! 

Topshop Pink Teddy Bear Coat
Toyshop Pink Teddy Bear Coat 
The best thing about this coat is it will go with so many items in your wardrobe! Greys, pinks, black, white and denim blues, you name it and this pink baby has got your back. I've teamed it with a beaut stripe sweater from Next that boasts all my fave the pastel shades and these super comfy grey jeans and OTK boots from New Look (similar here). (Also an ideal way to add some extra warmth on a cold day I might add) and we all need that now January is not giving us a break from the cold!  So on that note, I'm off to grab myself a mug of hot chocolate and start scouring the Spring collections to find some more pops of millennial pink to add to my wardrobe - its no doubt here to stay this SS18 and I couldn't be happier about it!