Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Blazer and Breton Stripes

Weigh Anchor! I can't help but feel a little Sailor-esq in this classics outfit I paired up the other day! This stripey linen breton striped tee from Topshop has been a bit of a fave staple at the mo, amazing to pop on with jeans, cardigans-you name it, but I'm sure you guys already know that as it's a bit of a basic in every gal's wardrobe! And of course, the fitted blazer is another one of those everyday essentials! I got this blazer for Christmas but with all the rubbish weather we've been having I've not managed to wear it much! It's from Mango and has such a cute cut to it. I love the ribbon lapels and sharp lines! I know what you're thinking.. another jacket?! Honestly though I wish I could have a whole wardrobe of them! Make-up wise I went fairly natural with some new goodies I will share with you all soon! I also added a dash of my MAC Ladybug Lipstick which I still love and have had for ageess now. I'm going to be sad the day my trusty red ends!  

What do you guys think?


Monday, 20 January 2014

Monu Skincare Gentle Cleanser & Hydrating Moisturiser

From a young age I have always struggled with skincare, whether it dried my skin out or was over greasy I've tried multiple products to combat my complexion's problem areas but never found anything quite right. With some others along the way, I ended up settling for 'Simple' products which don't get me wrong, are still part of my essentials, but I felt I needed something which worked a little deeper into my skin and cared for it now - dare I say it - I'm getting older and have affirmatively left my teenage years behind! So along came Monu Skincare! I received a couple of products to trial out a little while back, including this Hydrating Moisturiser, which I loved and so ended up purchasing the Gentle Cleanser! 

Monu Skincare Gentle Cleanser // Feel Unique.com //£16.25

Gentle Cleanser: 
First off the smell is so beauts with delicate and soft hints of Rose, Peach and Cocconut, It definitely gives you that 'Spar-y' sense which is really relaxing! The creamy cleanser is a nice thickness and texture and is easily squeezed and applied to the face with Cosmetic pads. I evenly cover my face with the cleanser and use the pads to cleanse and wipe off my make up. My skin always feels gently balanced and healthy afterwards without over moisturising and clogging up my pores! It also contains Aloe Vera which is great if you have any blemishes you want to treat!You can even use this product for a Mini Facial which is glorious if your skin needs a little extra treat. As you can see, I have used about a 1/4 of the bottle and have noticed a difference and am much less prone to breakouts. 

Monu Hydrating Moisturiser // MonuShop //£29.95*

Hydrating Moisturiser: 
Again, this smells amazing with similar scents to the Gentle Cleanser! The light Moisturising cream spreads easily and is absorbed really well into the skin. With it's Soft Focus Technology I instantly notice the difference after I've applied this as it lifts, softens and brightens my skin tone making it a great base for under foundation! It also has SPF 15 to help protect the skin from Sun Damage on a day to day basis. I only use a couple of pumps and apply it to my skin using my fingers. Most other Moisturisers tend to bring me out with blemishes but - touch wood - this one seems to be seeing me through quite nicely and my skin feels much softer and balanced. 

Have any of you used Monu Skincare products? 


Thursday, 16 January 2014

New Year.. New Blog Design

Source: Unknown

Happy New Year Everyone! - I know what you're thinking.. erm it's mid-January?! But better late than never and all that! I unfortunately haven't managed to pop up a post yet this year as I've been whittling away when I can giving my blog a whole new fresh look! Yay! What do you all think? It's taken quite a while and I've even managed to crack on a bit of HTML and CSS. Yes. It actually scares me still just writing those words! Thank god for Google is all I can say. Anything I got stuck on I found a load of answers just searching online and being able to edit code made me feel a lot more professional than I actually am! I don't think any Website Designers will be worried about their jobs just yet though...  

Anyway, for my blog refresh I've also used  features from an Etsy shop I found online called 'Carrie Loves Design.' If you're thinking about changing your blog design and not sure how or where to start (I didn't really have a clue) I definitely recommend having a browse on Etsy to get some inspiration! Pinterest is also a must visit if your looking for social media icons, colour combinations and header design inspiration too! And you can download lots of icons for free! Perfect! Luckily I did a fair bit of graphic design at Uni so was fine with all the Photoshop bits but again Youtube and forums are fab for tutorials with those programmes! 

I hope you're all enjoying 2014 so far, I'm excited to get back into the blogging routine again now I'm done with the design! I'm going to try and do equal posts this year on outfits, beauty and music which hopefully you'll be able to navigate easier to with my new page tabs :)  so stay tuned guys!