Hiya! I'm Justine, a 27 year old gal living up north in Manchester! Fashion Mixbag is my personal fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog which I started up back in 2012... (I swear it feels just like yesterday still!)

I've had a little break over the last year or so, but now I'm coming back hopefully taking Fashion Mixbag onto bigger and better things! I've never been particularly great at ticking just one box (I put it down to the 'Libra' in me), so expect to see a bit of everything on this blog from fashion, beauty, and general life-ness!

On that note, 2018 is the year I've decided to give myself a kick up the bum and set some actual resolutions for myself to make this the best year yet (positive vibesss and all that) so I'll be taking a few steps into Fitness and Food blogging too as I aim to build a new healthier and happier me! So if you like a read or just browsing a few pics, grab yourselves a cuppa tea (or a glass of vino, there's no judgement here) and settle in!

Thank you for stopping by! I love to read all your comments and just to have a good ol' chat and will always do my best to reply :) 


  1. Love your finals photos and very striking models! x


Thank you for comenting on my blog! I will always take the time to reply as soon as I can! If you would like to ask me something directly, tweet me @fashionmixbag

Justine xx