Hello! I'm Justine, a 26 year old gal living in Manchester. Fashion Mixbag is my personal fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog, which I started up back in 2012. (I swear it feels just like yesterday still!) I've taken a bit of time out recently from blogging, but now 2017 is the year I'm picking right back up where I left off in the city where it all initially began!

The thought behind my blog's name is down to the fact I love a right 'Mixbag' of things. I've never been particularly great at ticking just one box (I put it down to the 'Libra' in me), so expect to see a bit of everything on this blog from namely outfit posts, beauty reviews, music I love, crafty bits to city living! I also like to write, a lot...so if you like a read, grab yourselves a cuppa tea (or a cocktail, there's no judgement here) and settle in!

Thank you for stopping by! I love to read all your comments and just to have a good ol' chat so please do comment away, email, facebook or tweet me!


  1. Love your finals photos and very striking models! x


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