Monday, 11 February 2013

Monochrome Stripe Nail Wraps: WooWooNails Review

Hola Mixbagers! Today's post is the next product up in my new beauty favourites; my Monochrome Nail Wraps from I was kindly given a voucher to spend on their site for Xmas and manged to order about 6 different kind of wraps from it! They have loads of different styles and designs to order and you can even upload your own design to be printed onto wraps if you want to add your own uniqueness and personality! Pretty nifty huh?! From my bunch, I decided to try out these black and white stripey ones first as I've been loving all the Monochrome Stripes coming into trend lately.

Day 1

Day 3

For those of you who haven't used nail wraps before they are pretty simple to apply. All you need to do is prepare your nail by shaping and buffing it and then essentially, as the nail wraps are a glorified sticker, you just choose the individual wrap that's of closest fit to the width of your nail and smooth it on. Once it's stuck on and bubble free, you just file off the excess end with your normal nail file, pop a bit of clear top coat varnish on and you're done! Now as easy as that sounds in all fairness it did take me a while to apply them, probably because I got a tad obsessed with making sure there were no bubbles in them. I think with a bit more applying practise they will have a few less notches!

From my experience with nail wraps, for some reason I may have slightly wider than average nails so the largest width of these like many others didn't quite fit to the entirety of my thumb nail, but the overall look was there so I was happy with the results! So far they've managed to withhold a couple of days of working hands on in my retail job with just a slight bit of damage to the wrap edge. Hopefully they'll keep lasting me into next week as I really love the look and it's so different to the varnishes I usually use!

What do you all think of stripey nails? Have any of you tried WooWoo nails before?


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