Friday, 1 August 2014

20% Off Onepiece Onesies and Hoodies!

Coral 'Groove Zip Hood' - Onepiece 

So Onepiece do clothes other than Onesies?! I know, right? And guess what, you can now get a cheeky 20% off any Onepiece items whether it's a Onesie, or one of their cute summer hoodies when you enter the following code at the checkout:


I know what you're thinking, Onesies are far too warm for the summer surely? Well, the hoodies, like this Coral 'Groove Zip Hood',* and 'lightweight' Onepiece Onesies are very much lighter in comparison to the originals which tend be heavier and fleecy lined, so there's no worries if you fancy cosying up in one during the summer/festival evenings! (Just look out for the Feather symbol on the product description to make sure it's lightweight!)

Speaking of festivals, I'm super duper excited to be heading down to Boardmasters festival next weekend with the team at Onepiece!! If any of you guys will be there make sure you pop to the stand and say hi! I'll be there for the making the most of Onepiece #slackerlife :) Cannot wait!!


P.S. I have to make a point of saying you can even get onesies now for your children and dogs... brilliant. 


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