Monday, 7 May 2012

Elliott Landy Preview Exhibition at Armani

Last Thursday night I was kindly invited to the Elliott Landy preview exhibition in collaboration with Magnum photos at the Armani store in Manchester. 

I had yet to visit the Armani store properly, but as soon as we arrived the staff were really friendly and we were immediately handed prosecco and yummy nibbles which naturally is always the way to a girl's heart! The store itself is so sleek and minimalist so the exhibition worked well with two rows of selected colour splash photographs being exhibited as you walked through the store. 

I have to say as I had not seen the photos other than on my computer I wasn't sure what to expect, but in printed display the images really came to life as the infrared film gave an amazing sheen and shimmer to the images, not to mention much more depth and dimension. Amazingly all the images were developed by CIA procedures which allowed them to be so highly saturated and sharply contrasted.

The images ranged from featuring Janis Joplin to Van Morrison, however I particularly loved the pink and turquoise shaded image of Bob Marley and a classic car which has been used on his record cover of 'Nashville Skyline.' Due to copyright reasons I was unable to take a full photo of it, but you can catch a glimpse of it in the photo above!

A quick snap of my friend Beth and I unexpectedly wearing co-ordinating outfits to the event!Don't worry we're not the types to ring and arrange this sort of thing, apparently it just seemed that spots and leather jackets were the order of the day! (My spotty dress is from Oh my Love London concession in Topshop.)  

Aside from the exhibition itself, the evening was really lovely, with a bustling bar at the back of the store and lots of friendly people! It was nice to bump into Eliska again who I'd previously met at fashion week and meet Elizabeth who had arranged the event! We also were treated to a complimentary bottle of the Diamonds perfume which in case your in need of a new scent I would definitely recommend trying, so a big thank you indeedy to all at Armani.    

Hope you've all been enjoying you bank holiday weekends!



  1. WOW this is so awesome and the photos are stunning.

    PS. Thank your for your msg on IFB and course following you now doll.

    <3 Marina

  2. Thank you Marina! So sweet of you!
    Justine xx


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