Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A week in Pictures

Unfortunately I haven't had much time to do a full post recently but here is a very random selection of photos I've taken over the past week or so!  I have been really getting to grips with bargain shopping so a few of the snaps are showing some of my high street steals! I've been loving the odd bits and bobs in Primark at the moment, such as the jewellery, it's so good for a cheap fashion fix! 
The cake featured is my housemate's super colourful birthday cake, unfortunately I can't claim I made it, but I wish I could! It was so fun and sparkly and not to mention delicious :) Also, on that note, check out the crochet sparkle ankle socks from Urban Outfitters we're all a bit smitten with them here in Manc!    

From Top to Bottom:
Silver Collar Necklace: £4 Primark
 Sparkly Crochet ankle socks: £8 Urban Outfitters
Grunge American Flag Print Tank Top: £3 Primark (I wore a plain white tank underneath)
The lovely birthday cake: Priceless
Gold Bangles: £3 Primark
Skull Print Scarf: A gift from Daniel Footwear
Pinky Peach Lace dress: £24.99 H&M Conscious Collection



  1. Wow so surprised at the Primark necklace - it looks great and much more than £4! Great post!


    1. Ah thanks so much! I was surprised at the price too, my friend thought it was an Urban Outfitters one!

      Justine xx

  2. loveee those ankle socks! cute post :) x

  3. I just became your 50th follower! Yay :)
    Love your blog, plus I love your photography and editing style! :)
    Follow back?


    1. Yay 50th follower :) Thank you so much! I'm heading over to your blog now! xx


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