Thursday, 27 December 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hi guys! So I haven't managed to do a post over the last few days due to the madness of Christmas and extra working hours - buttt I thought I would pop up a little instagram-a-lam post (@fashionmixbag) featuring some of my Christmas moments on the run up to the festive day! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and ate a ridiculous amount like me! I think someone may need to roll me to work tomorrow - especially after getting my xmas bake on on Saturday!

Xmas eve eve tea party with the gals!

I'll be doing some posts on the bits Santa bought me a bit later in the week! Hope you all got some fashionably fabulous pressies! 
Icy xmas nails - Maxfactor & Models Own Ibiza Mix // My sales tip for hitting the boxing day sales for Next // Starry eyed xmas vodka lemonade // Xmas Bake Off - Orange & Chocolate Shortbread // Xmas Eve tree and pressies // Handmade tags

Decorating the tree // Nursing my food baby in front of the fire // My cat playing with the baubles // Wrapping my presents // Wine time with the girls // Afternoon Sunsets

Lots of mistletoe kisses to all my lovely readers and followers!



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  2. Your car it adorable!
    Happy Holidays! :)

    1. Thanks Irina she is a cutey! Happy xmas! xx


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