Friday, 15 November 2013

Madia & Matilda - New Upcycled Fashion Brand

Who doesn't love a bit of Vintage fashion? With retro styled pieces settling themselves firmly at the forefront of fashion, it seems our wishlist for something 'once loved' is becoming increasingly popular. Embracing this sentiment of 'making unloved garments loved' is new Luxury Upcycled Fashion label 'Madia & Matilda'  and excitingly it launches online tomorrow! 
Last week I happily headed into the Cotswolds, camera in hand, to meet designer and owner, Shalize Nicholas to chat all things vintage at her studio based in Stroud.  

After a bit of a gossip about this and that and discovering that our work places have coincidentally crossed paths in the past, Shalize explained to me in more detail about her new label, and her journey leading up to the launch. From being a student studying Fashion Design at Manchester University, to working in production for Mary Katrantzou in London, Shalize has experienced all ends of the fashion cycle and over time developed a big love for craft and heritage where she then created a mini-Madia & Matilda for her final year collection at University. From chatting to Shalize, I could tell this continues to be the back bone and main inspiration for the brand which she has since grown and developed to bring Madia & Matilda to life! 

Having had a browse through the studio's work area, the one thing I can say for sure is that besides the lovely selection of garments, it is filled with the most gorgeous collection of retro fabrics. With the likes of crushed velvet, hand-printed colourful curtains and old tablecloths in the mix, it's fab to see that Shalize really does put her upcycling hands to anything and reuses even the most unrelated things to create her pieces, such as elephant embroidered materials which has become one of her key inspirations. When I asked her where she collects her fabrics and materials she listed off a few places such as Carboots, Vintage Fairs and Charity Shops - anywhere where she can spot something different and unusual.  

Swing Tag Labels: Ashley Kursey Design

Turning to the rails of clothes, as this is their first A/W collection, Madia & Matilda's launch pieces have been made more trend focussed with a selection of styles of jumpers, cardigans, shirts, skirts and dresses all featuring in the collection. Starting as a few designs, moodboards and fabric swatches, the garments are all designed and made in-house, but unlike most other vintage brands, Shalize is determined that where possible, multiples of each style will be made in sizes ranging from UK 8-16. Hurray! I personally really liked the 'old meets new' cropped embroidered shirts and velvet midi-dress Shalize is holding in the picture above.  

Once I'd snapped away it was time to play dress up! With the help of Shalize, I chose to pop on one of my favourite big collared shirts and pink cable knit jumpers from the Autumn Winter collection, you know me, love a bit of collar here and there! With this preppy 80's inspired combo I definitely felt quite Clueless-esque! All I needed was a tartan skirt!  

It was lovely to meet Shalize and have a bit of an insight into everything behind the scenes at Madia & Matilda! 

You can shop the Madia & Matilda A/W collection from 16th Nov via Shop Cotwolds: here 

What do you all think of upcylced fashion?



  1. lovely photos, the blouses look gorgeous.

    1. Thanks lovely. They're really cute! xx


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