Saturday, 21 April 2012

Make up & Hair for A/W 12/13

Happy Saturday everyone! I've been recently looking through a lot of the make-up and hair trends for this year's autumn winter season! A bit premature I know considering the summer has yet to start, but with all these different projects for uni going on at the moment I've found myself kind of emerged in it all so thought I would share!

On a general note, make-up appears to be channelling a gothic vibe, with thick bushy eyebrows and  smokey eye-liner. Lashes are dark and defined with lengthier lower lashes. Complexions are pale and creamy with pinky/peachy blushes,and often teamed with neutral and nude lip bases. However if you fancy injecting a bit of colour there are definitely some new shades being embraced such as electric blues! I'm personally loving the deep merlot lip colours!

On to hair styles, the looks from the catwalk are unruly and messy showing there is definitely no room for the prim and proper! Loose ponytails with backcombed volume and in-twining plaits make for a very textured look. It seems as thought the hair brush has been made redundant! Hurray for the low maintenance, especially if you're like me with uncontrollable waves!

I hope you all have lovely weekends whatever your doing! It's my housemate's 21st today so we're off for an afternoon of champagne and cupcakes and a night in Manchester, students living the high life or what?! As far as my outfit goes I've been loving the concious collection at H&M  recently and ended up  buying the pretty pink lace dress that was in Vogue the other day, so here's hoping I'll fit in to it after all the cupcakes!



  1. Very inspirational! Really nice blog, thx for your support, returned the favour. stay in touch! xo/ stephka

  2. very dark and grundgy !!
    i love it !

    1. Ah thanks! It's definitely got the grunge vibe which I love too! Thank you for your comment!

      Justine xx

  3. Love it!


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