Sunday, 23 February 2014

La Tasca - Cheltenham Re-opening Night!

Last week I was invited to the re-opening of La Tasca in my hometown in Cheltenham. It's just down the road from me at work so seemed like a pretty tempting idea when I got the invite through with the offer of cocktails, paella masterclass and a bit of Zumba, besides the fact I've always enjoyed their tapas!

Two of my friends came along with me to join in the fun which all kicked off with a welcoming entrance from the lovely staff, a delicious glass of sangria and entrees of Spanish Omelette, Chorizo, Manchego ( a traditional Spanish Cheese) and Dipping bread with authentic oils and vinegars. Yummy yummy. I would definitely recommend! We almost felt like we'd been jetted over to Spain...till the sound of Rain pouring outside kicked in and ruined that day dream!

Next, we had a fab cocktail masterclass with the hostess Nadia, showing us how to make two of my favorite cocktails, Sex on the Beach and Mojito. Oh goody.. but then it was over to us! It's safe to say we tried to pay as much attention as possible, but given that in the past we have tried to grind Trebor Extra Strong Mints as a subsitute for fresh mint, it didn't seem hopeful. (Totally logical solution though right?! ha) It was initially going really well, Ice.. Check, Mint, Lime, Sugar, Check..FOUR shots of rum... erm oh, wait a minute. It didn't really work out when my friend Charlotte managed to accidentally add a quarduple shot of rum for her Mojito. I think it's fair to say cocktail making is never going to be our party trick. Unless you want to get very drunk.

After we drank our concoctions and the delicious ones made by Nadia, we were all up off our seats to have a go at some traditional Spanish dancing such as Zumba, much to the amusement of all the diners enjoying their meals. After a few clumsy twirls and twists on my part and when we'd all just about managed to get the hang of it we had to partner off for couples dancing. Zumba with a partner is pretty sensual and 'up-close' and started off with you and your partner - who you'd just met - giving each other 'bear hugs' to get the right intimacy... Not how I usually spend my Thursday nights, but a right giggle all the same!

To round off the evening we were treated to a yummy dish of the Paella which had been slow cooking on the large steel pan throughout the evening. My friends and I had the Chicken and Chroizo Paella, it was soo delicious and I would recommend it to anyone who goes to La Tasca! They also did a Seafood Paella which lots of the other ladies enjoyed if you like your seafood! We were even given a goodie pack of La Tasca Paella Cooking ingredients which I'm really looking forward to using to try and re-create at home!

Thank you to all the friendly staff at La Tasca for being so welcoming and generous!


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