Friday, 14 February 2014

Music Mixbag: New Playlist!

Hi guys! This is my first MusicMixbag post in a while and it’s a bit of a random mixture! I tried to stick to an acoustic/chilled theme and then The XX Dark Sky Crystalised remix sneeked itself in there (I just HAD to put in) and then before I knew it Le Youth did to.... But hey I’ve got it covered by calling it a Mixbag.. right? So here are my picks I’m loving at the moment!

Le Youth: Dance With Me

I thought I'd crack it off with this awesome party track. I love Le Youth and their remixing skills. Featuring clips of TLC’s ‘No Scrubs’ it’s got that distinct Le Youth house music sound to it and of course I love a bit of TLC. Who doesn’t? Bring on listening to this in the summer, sunnies on, cocktail in hand. 

Banks: Waiting Game

A bit of a newbie to scene but I love this song and Banks’soulful voice. Her deep music kinda has a Jessie Ware style to it with the heavy, dark synths in the background. Apparently she has already toured around with The Weeknd which I can definitely see fitting well together! I reckon in the next year Banks’ will no doubt be making herself more known on the music scene.  Definitely one to watch!

The XX: Crystalised Dark Sky Remix

As a big fan of The XX I thought I’d heard nearly all the different remixes of this song till I came across this little beauty of a Dark Sky remix. It’s by no means new but I’m so glad I found it eventually! There’s always space for a bit of old school garage in my music collection and I love how this remix twists this song up and gives it that edge, especially given that initially they’re such different genres.  

Sam Smith: Latch (Acoustic)

Whattt can I say about Sam Smith! I loveee his songs at the moment including his recent release, Money on My Mind and lots of the other LP tracks I’ve been listening to like ‘Lay Me Down’ . His voice is so beauts acoustically and this stripped down version of his team up with Disclosure does not disappoint. I actually felt a little emotional the first time I heard this, yes ok that’s probably a little #awkward to confess to, but the way he sings it just gives the lyrics a whole new light. His voice is so technically great and full of emotion too I couldn’t help but get chills! This is a must listen if you haven’t heard it already! 

Vance Joy: Riptide

Ahh I love this cute folky song – It’s such a catchy, pretty tune. I heard it on Radio1 a little while back and it’s been a good road trip/car  favourite at the moment! Again, the bouncy beats of the little ukulele and harmonies make me think of summer, which is very welcomed in this horrible weather we’ve been having lately! A fab little uplifting song you need to listen to!

A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera: Say Something

Another beaut of a song that I love chilling out and listening to at the moment. I promise I’m not trying to depress you guys/make you cry haha! When I first heard this song I have to say I thought of ‘Of Monsters and Men’ straight away and had no idea it was Ms Aguilera!  It’s nice to hear Christina change it up and step away from her usual belters and go a little more delicate with her huskier whispery tone! Not that I don’t love her for that, she has got an incredible voice after all! But I’m sure no doubt this one will be a chart topper!  : Feelin' Myself f. Miley Cyrus, French Montana & Wiz Khalifa

I be everywhere everybody know meee. Super super fresh with the dope styleyyy. Yes, that was me rapping, imagine that if you will. This song has definitely been a grower on me and I know it's be one to split opinions. To be brutally honest, initially I thought.. oh man, another simple base beat with Miley Cyrus trying to be ‘dope’ on it, but actually it’s got a hold of me and now I’m finding it pretty catchy - I just can’t help myself bopping along to it. (For some reason the word bopping and this song doesn't seem to mash well together. Not very G of me is it? hey ho.)

What do you all think of this Music Mixbag Playlist?


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