Sunday, 1 October 2017

Milk + Blush - Ombre Hair Extensions

I have always dreamt of having long hair, but my hair has always been the type to stop growing past a certain length. Those of you that have the same issue will have experienced the same frustration. No matter what products, the hair care or how often I tried to get it cut, I have never been able to get it much past shoulder length. I'd read so much about the damage bonded extensions could do (especially as my hair is quite fine) so that never appealed! So, when the lovely people at Milk + Blush got in touch with me to try out some of their latest clip in hair extensions, I jumped at the chance. Long, princess hair you shall be mine!  

I didn't know what shade or length to go for, so I sent a shot of my hair to the Milk + Blush team and they recommended the ombre triple weft full set, 16-18" in the shade 'Bel Air Baby'. When the set arrived it came in the most gorgeous blush packaging, complete with a tester weft to check the shade and length. I was amazed at how gorgeously thick, soft and luxurious the pieces were. They matched my hair colour perfectly and the ombre blend was so pretty! For tips on how to put them in I went to the super informative Milk + Blush YouTube channel and picked up a few techniques, I was such a novice I needed all the tips I could get. I first tried them on un-styled and cut them in to sit more in line with my face shape. For their first outing, I curled the hair extensions using my straighteners and adding some curls to my own natural hair. I then gathered the shortest pieces of my hair at the nape of the neck, twisted them and pinned them up. 

Then it was time to start clipping them in. I worked my way up from the bottom of my hair upwards, parting my hair into sections. I used the 3 clip weft followed by another 3 clip weft, before using the 4 clip weft across the back. I then positioned the remaining 2 clips either side of my head, 2 each side. As a first time user of any clip in hair extensions they were super easy to pop in and had a great grip. I didn't feel like they were going to fall out at any point which I was particularly worried about if the Manchester wind and rain is anything to go by! It's safe to say I'm a little bit addicted already! 

What do you think? Would you try out the Milk + Blush clip ins?


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