Sunday, 7 January 2018

Wonderland Make Up

Wonderland Studio Finish Primer *
Wonderland 'Glitter You' Nail Varnish*
Wonderland Loose Pigment in 'Sky'*
I've always got my eyes on the look out for some new make up treats to fill my make up bag with so when the lovely team at Wonderland kindly got in touch to try some of their best sellers I couldn't possibly say no! I received the 'Studio Finish Primer,' 'Glitter You Nail Varnish,' and 'Loose Pigment in Sky' through my letterbox and was pleasantly surprised by the packaging. Simplistic and monochrome vibes - I mean what's not to like! I'd not heard of Wonderland before, but if you're after cruelty free make up at a price that won't break the bank then you should definitely check them out! 

Wonderland Studio Finish Primer*
The Studio finish primer is simply divineeee! It goes on so smoothly and I can honestly say it makes a noticeable difference as soon as you apply it. My skin looked visibly smoother, my complexion was softened and it blurred my imperfections. Plus it gave my day-to-day make up more lasting power. As some one with skin-type slightly more on the oily side I try to avoid layering too much on my skin and I found you didn't need too much of this to achieve a good coverage. You can see why it's been used widely by various make up artists for some insane make up artistry. Check out their Insta for some serious make-up envy pics! 

Wonderland 'Glitter You' Nail Varnish & 'Sky' Loose Pigment*

As a self-confessed glitter nail lover Wonderland hit the nail (no pun intended) on the head when they sent me this super cute 'Glitter You' polish. If glitter polish doesn't stop after the Christmas party season for you (I mean, why would it?!) then this is the perfect sparkler! It applied really evenly and glided on beautifully. The polish is a nice mix of smaller and bigger glitter pieces so creates a great look. Plus - it dries really quickly and isn't gloopy at all which I can sometimes find with heavy glitter polishes. It definitely rivals some of the Essie and Model's Own varnishes I have used before. 

Wonderland Loose Pigment in 'Sky'*
The loose pigment I received was in the shade of 'Sky' which was a blue glittery shade. I have to say this colour wasn't really for me in terms of my personal style and colourings, however it went on so evenly and as you can see by the swatch on my hand, created such a fab pop of colour. It's super pigmented and would create such a statement look! There are tonnes of shades online, so I'm going to give some of the other pots a try! 

What do you think of these Wonderland make up products? 


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