Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Red Label Looks

From all the shows at London Fashion Week, I have been feeling most inspired by Vivienne Westwood's Red Label S/S'12 creative and endearing make-up and hair looks.

As far as the make-up goes, metallic and colour pressed shading has been used to highlight facial contours, with brightly mixed ocean hues of green and blue framing the eyes. Little to no eyeliner or mascara has been used lending the looks to a fantastical, whimsical, out-of-the-woodlands appeal.

To compliment the make-up, hair is tousled, backcombed, messy and piled high, with grey shading and plaiting for extra details. In some looks, plastic and leaf shapes have been complied into a hair turban for an alternative new-age appeal on the look.

With metallic shades being at the fore-front of make-up must-haves this season, it will come as no surprise that these theatrical looks have come straight from the on-trend, boundary pushing Alex Box at MAC. Alex's inspiration for the label was ‘Neo neon nymphs with an ethereal base, amazing and bruised colours for an airbrushed look.’ 


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