Sunday, 30 October 2011

Temperley For Filofax

As geeky as it may be it's no secret that I love a good bit of stationery. Give me a nifty pen and a trusty notepad and you'll be a friend for life. guaranteed. So it'll come as no surprise that I got a little overexcited earlier this week when I discovered that two of my absolute favourite things, Fashion and Stationery were combining as British designer Alice Temperley will be creating two luxury limited edition organisers for Filofax!

From the sketch designs released, the collection 'Your Life in Your Hands' will feature two super stylish organisers that appear not to be only beautiful on the outside with  features of leopard print, snakeskin and golden embroidery but beautifully designed on the inside as well, with a mobile phone holder as a shiny new feature!

Temperley for Filofax

Alice has commented on her collaboration saying "I was inspired to create a beautiful functional organiser that could be used and treasured daily, year after year." The organisers are said to be launched in London Fashion Week in February.. I now know what's being added to my (optimistic) Christmas wish list!


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