Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Born and raised in a summer haze ; Summer Sale Picks

Finally we've had a glimpse of the supposed summer! And with summer of course comes the sales! I usually really struggle to pick up many discounted pieces, mainly because of my lack of patience admittedly, but this time I stuck it out and managed to hunt out a couple of bits at absolute bargain prices in New Look, Topshop and Oasis!

My first steal the polks dot trilby hat from Oasis! I've always loved a good hat, perfect for protecting your hair from the heat of course, but it can add a lot more to a simplistic outfit for festivals or beach wear! This one I bought for a tenner, but it's now gone down to £8!

I also got involved with some serious accessories with these rings :) The large gold one is from Topshop for £2.50! In complete honesty it does hinder quite a lot of movement and wearing this almost makes me feel like I'm wearing some sort of finger guard, or hand shield but I love the Aztec look of it and it's statement appeal. The turquoise stone ring is not so much of a sale pick up, but was part of a set from H&M for £2.99!
I tried to create some beachy waves with my hair by adding the classic salt and water mixture. It did create a nice texture however it really dried my hair out with my dip-dyed ends, so I recommend hitting the intensive conditioner the wash after!
Tortoise Shell Wayfarers from Topshop £16
Now I'm all finished at my summer job all I need is a last minute holiday deal to wear this summers outfit on! Have any of you managed to pick up some summer deals?

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  1. Love Pollyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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